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Case - Clarity PPM 

Clarity PPM enabled detailed tracking of project progress and proactive risk management.


Business: Technology company dedicated to computer consulting activities and computer facilities management activities.

Geography: Colombia

Industry: IT services


To achieve the objective of the project, it was required to have centralized management of the implementation of internet access points, in planning, installation, operation and investment for efficient coordination of resources, in addition, facilitating decision making by ensuring the presentation of relevant, realistic and timely information in the implementation process.


A detailed monitoring solution with a comprehensive vision of the implementation process was designed with Clarity PPM, to observe the progress of the installation activities, technical field visits and operation of each of the internet access points.


Greater operational efficiency, the centralization of project management in Clarity PPM allowed to improve coordination between teams, systems and streamline installation and operation processes.

Clarity PPM, permitió a los gerentes y supervisores monitorear en tiempo real el estado de cada uno de los puntos de acceso a internet.”
Director de proyectos.

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