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Identity Gobernance Administration

IGA allows for identity governance and management by provisioning users and managing the entire life cycle of the user identity; Protects identity and access governance.

IGA allows the provisioning and deprovisioning of users, in order to automate processes for application access permissions

Identity Gobernance

Periodically validate and certify user access and simplify the compliance process.

Self Service

Provides the user with facilities to manage their own attributes, profile and access requests.

User provisioning

Automatically grants and revokes role-based permissions to services and applications.

Multiple Authentication Factor

The risk-based multi-factor authentication service provides a secure, easy-to-use way to protect mobile and web applications anytime, anywhere, and from any device for your users and customers.

User experience

Allows simple business registration and incorporation processes.

Multi - factor authentication

It supports a wide variety of authentication methods that can be delivered by mail, text message or voice.

No password authentication

Protect user accounts with fishing-resistant login mechanisms.

Data and app security

With data security services, protect sensitive data from malware, ransomware, and information leaks and enforce business policies and strategy.

Data security

Protect sensitive data in applications installed in the cloud or on premise.

e-mail security

Protect your users from malware, malicious URLs or fraud sent to institutional emails.

Data loss prevention

Protect and monitor sensitive data, and prevent information leaks.

Privileged account manageent

​​It helps detect and prevent session violations and track actions performed by users. PAM performs monitoring, behavior analysis, session recording and alerts in real time of what the user does in a session, ensuring that the credentials are being used by the authorized user and that they are used as they should according to the company's policy. company. Additionally, it manages a password vault, session recording, behavioral analysis, access control and management.

Session recording

Capture all user actions accessing critical assets and have forensic proof of malicious activities.

Secret storage

Store privileged credentials encrypted and grant access only to those you need.

Detailed analysis

Monitor user activities, evaluate behaviors, and trigger automatic mitigation actions.

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