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We adapt to any need with the software and hardware products that we provide 

We offer solutions that provide support, follow-up, we have unique manufacturer prices, and response speeds. 

Our line of services


Application Monitoring 

Infrastructure Monitoring


End User Experience


Identity management

Management of privileged users

Strong Authentication

Multiple authentication factors

Application and endpoint security

SASE framework

Zero Trust Framework


Application code analysis

Project management

Project management

Demand management

Resource management

Financial management

Investment and Portfolio Management

Estrategic planning

Digital Products

Service Management

Help Desk


Flow Automator

Asset and configuration management




API manager

Creation of APIs

API security

API Life Cycle

MINTIC interoperability framework


Service aimed at establishing capabilities to reduce the time to detect and resolve IT operation problems, applying machine learning, advanced analysis and automation to offer a new level of information visibility and data-driven decision making.

With AIOps correlate data between users, applications, cloud-native architecture, hybrid infrastructures and network services driving continuous improvement to accelerate service delivery, increase IT efficiency and accelerate innovation.

AIOps  | MSL latam
Cybersecurity| MSL latam


Apply zero trust principles with our services, we have a set of solutions that protect the company by providing the necessary components that continuously verify each user and device that requests access.

Centralize risk-based authentication services to ensure that only authorized users gain access to company services and resources.

Keep users safe from emailed malware and ransomware and stop threats to data, services and critical business infrastructure.

Project management

We provide advisory and consulting services in the management of Projects, Programs and Portfolios, with extensive experience to generate value for our clients. Keep investments aligned with corporate objectives, visualize planned, actual and anticipated costs and benefits per project, manage the right talent or team for the project and assign specific percentages of your workload.

Project Management | MSL latam
Service Management | MSL latam

Service management

We deliver value to clients with ITSM services through IT best practices. With our services, develop self-service capabilities, asset management, service flow automation and integration with applications for better customer service.


Connect your systems in an agile and secure way; maintaining a government of all its services. With interoperability services it is possible for organizations to expose, protect and manage applications, network systems or infrastructures through APIs in a very simple way. Protect corporate assets and services with access control. Interoperability and integration services are compatible with OAuth/OpenID Connect, FIDO, PCI-DSS, FHIR and PSD2 among others.

Interoperabilidad | MSL latam
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