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Case - Clarity PPM

At NavCar, Clarity PPM helped centralize project information on a single platform, improving visibility and collaboration across teams. It is now possible to allocate resources more efficiently and accurately track the time and costs of each project.


Business: Maritime sector company, specialized in providing a wide range of ship services, including maintenance, repair, supply and crew management.

Geography: Colombia

Industry: IT services


NavCar was facing challenges in efficiently managing its projects, the lack of visibility in resource planning, cost tracking and coordination between teams was affecting the ability to deliver projects on time and within budget.


With the Clarity PPM solution, NavCar centralized information for all its projects on a single platform, allowing for greater visibility and control. Using Clarity PPM's project portfolio management capabilities, resources were prioritized and allocated more effectively, reducing the risk of projects not being completed on time.


One of the greatest benefits has been customer satisfaction. By improving agreed times and budgets more consistently, NavCar improved customer satisfaction and strengthened its business relationships.

“Con Clarity PPM, se logró priorizar y asignar recursos de manera más efectiva, reduciendo el riesgo de que los proyectos no se completaran a tiempo,”
Director de proyectos.

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