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Caso 2 - APM  

Servialco with DX Performance Management adopted the practice of proactive observability and continuous optimization based on user experience analysis.


Business: Servialco is a company that specializes in technology and consulting services in the field of information and communication technologies, especially those related to cloud, infrastructure and communications solutions.

Geography: Colombia

Industry: IT Services


SERVIALCO, a technology company specialized in providing network infrastructure services, had a need to improve the management of the performance and performance of the digital services offered in order to strengthen the customer experience and satisfaction.


SERVIALCO decided to implement a DX Performance Management solution, which would allow it to monitor, analyze and optimize the performance of the applications and digital systems offered to customers, especially to have a user experience analysis and optimization capabilities based on this data.


With DX Performance Management, it was possible to improve the ability to monitor and analyze performance in real time, identify bottlenecks in the services offered. With the information provided, tweaks and optimizations were made to improve the overall performance of their applications and services.

“Nos dimos cuenta de que necesitábamos una solución integral que nos permitiera monitorear, analizar y optimizar el rendimiento de nuestras aplicaciones y sistemas digitales de manera proactiva.”

Case 2 - PAM

Symantec PAM provided the company with a centralized, secure platform to manage, control and audit privileged access to critical systems and applications.



At Servialco, there was a need to manage privileged access to critical and sensitive systems. With today's increase in cyber threats and the need to comply with security regulations, the company presented a potential risk of security breaches and unauthorized access to confidential data.


Using the capabilities of Symantec PAM, Servialco was able to implement access policies and role-based roles to ensure that only authorized users had access to specific resources. In addition, it provided a centralized architecture to manage, control and audit administration activities on the services.


Strengthening security in critical systems by reducing the risk of unauthorized access and mitigating potential cyber threats.

“Desde la implementación de Symantec PAM, hemos experimentado una reducción en los incidentes de seguridad relacionados con accesos no autorizados a nuestra infraestructura crítica.”
Director de seguridad.

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